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The purpose of this paper is to review studies of burnout relating to mental health workers and to propose directions for future research. It will summarize findings with regard to established norms, demographic variables, possible antecedents and consequences of burnout, and burnout models tested with mental health workers. Comparison of group perceptions(More)
siRNAs confer sequence specific and robust silencing of mRNA. By virtue of these properties, siRNAs have become therapeutic candidates for disease intervention. However, their use as therapeutic agents can be hampered by unintended off-target effects by either or both strands of the siRNA duplex. We report here that unlocked nucleobase analogs (UNAs) confer(More)
permits non-commercial use, distribution and reproduction of the article, provided the original work is appropriately acknowledged with correct citation details. Abstract The Argonaute proteins constitute a highly conserved family of nucleic acid-binding proteins whose members have been implicated in RNA interference (RNAi) and related phenomena in several(More)
Abstract Two studies examined the association of gender and occupational group (nursing versus non-nursing) with perceived risk of abuse (sexual harassment and verbal and physical abuse) as well as the relationship of perceived abuse risk with burnout and sense of community. Study 1, comprising of two settings (tertiary care hospital, N = 3,062;(More)
Staff members (N = 2,605) and supervisors (N = 55) of 39 administrative units in 2 healthcare organizations completed a survey measuring confidence in the organization, engagement with their work, and occupational hazards. A correlational analysis determined correspondence between the perspectives of supervisors with those of staff reporting to them as(More)
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