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Hundreds of public SPARQL endpoints have been deployed on the Web, forming a novel decentralised infrastructure for querying billions of structured facts from a variety of sources on a plethora of topics. But is this infrastructure mature enough to support applications? For 427 public SPARQL endpoints registered on the DataHub, we conduct various(More)
Interfacial defects between the cement mantle and a hip implant may arise from constrained shrinkage of the cement or from air introduced during insertion of the stem. Shrinkage-induced interfacial porosity consists of small pores randomly located around the stem, whereas introduced interfacial gaps are large, individual and less uniformly distributed areas(More)
As many cities around the world provide access to raw public data along the Open Data movement, many questions arise concerning the accessibility of these data. Various data formats, duplicate identifiers, heterogeneous metadata schema descriptions, and diverse means to access or query the data exist. These factors make it difficult for consumers to reuse(More)
Pour un projet de Recherche d'information, nous avons développé ON-TOLURGENCES, une ressource termino-ontologique qui assure a) le rôle de mo-dèle du domaine répertoriant tous les concepts pertinents et b) le lien entre les concepts et la façon dont ils sont nommés dans les documents du Dossier patient informatisé. Cette double fonction permet l'annotation(More)
In this article, we present an experimental end user application to query DeRiVE 2011 challenge dataset in an innovative and intuitive manner. After enriching the dataset with external sources of information, it is indexed in a way that enables users to submit queries combining keywords, location and temporal anchor, in a single search field. The goal is to(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is implementing a new laboratory management system (LMS) common to the 12 hospital groups. First step to this process was to acquire a biological analysis dictionary. This dictionary is interfaced with the international nomenclature LOINC, and has been developed in collaboration with(More)
OBJECTIVE This study shows the evolution of a biomedical observation dictionary within the Assistance Publique Hôpitaux Paris (AP-HP), the largest European university hospital group. The different steps are detailed as follows: the dictionary creation, the mapping to logical observation identifier names and codes (LOINC), the integration into a(More)