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The Right to Consent: On a Few Cases of Contemporary Paternalism, from Sadomasochists to Jehovah's Witnesses
Today, the emphasis that is put on consent in the way judges consider sadomasochist practices reflects the diminishing importance of sexual paternalism. Here, we compare the latter with theExpand
Sieyès as a reader of John Locke: metaphysics, politics and law
The most notable trait of Sieyes's reading of Locke is that it is centred on the Essay concerning human understanding (1690) and falls under the scope of metaphysics. Although it may seem a far cryExpand
Natural Law and the Nature of Law: Kelsen’s Paradox
Is it possible to articulate a genuine pure theory of law without it ceasing to be a positivist theory of law? The project of a pure theory of law can be held to presuppose a “nature of law” whoseExpand
Godard, le récit et l’Ecriture
L’article discute la place du recit chez Godard a la lumiere d’enjeux theologiques. Le propos porte sur les œuvres cinematographiques realisees entre 1983 et 2014 et s’organise autour de cinq solae :Expand