Pierre Yves Mure

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INTRODUCTION The laparoscopic pull-through for high imperforate anus in boys has recently been developed in France and Benelux. The purpose of this study was to evaluate technical difficulties and surgical complications of this approach. PATIENTS AND METHODS This report was based on a retrospective study from January 2002 to December 2007,including 34(More)
UNLABELLED Mixed gonadal dysgenesis is characterised by unilateral chromosomal abnormality, which is probably the result of anaphase lag during mitosis. The 45, XO/46, XY karyotype is the most common form of mosaicism involving the Y chromosome. It is a rare clinical entity with a worldwide incidence of 1.5/10,000 live births. Its epidemiology in(More)
BACKGROUND In parts of Africa, routine circumcision is practised and sometimes even on children with hypospadias. The lack of preputial foreskin renders urethroplasty more difficult and often requires to use of a mucosal graft as described by Bracka. OBJECTIVE The authors describe their experience of hypospadias repair using Bracka's technique. (More)
Introduction. Urethral strictures in boys denote narrowing of the urethra which can be congenital or acquired. In case of acquired strictures, the etiology is iatrogenic or traumatic and rarely infectious or inflammatory. The aim of this study was to highlight the diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties of acquired nontraumatic urethral strictures in boys(More)
Syringocele or dilatation of the duct of the bulbo-urethral (Cowper's) gland is usually of congenital origin but can be acquired. It is a very rare deformity, <10 cases have been reported in literature. The main objective is to describe an additional case of syringocele of Cowper's glands and review the literature. An 18-month-old infant presented with a(More)
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