Pierre‐Yves Dupont

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Beneficial associations between plants and microbes play an important role in both natural and agricultural ecosystems. For example, associations between fungi of the genus Epichloë, and cool-season grasses are known for their ability to increase resistance to insect pests, fungal pathogens and drought. However, little is known about the molecular changes(More)
Forming a new species through the merger of two or more divergent parent species is increasingly seen as a key phenomenon in the evolution of many biological systems. However, little is known about how expression of parental gene copies (homeologs) responds following genome merger. High throughput RNA sequencing now makes this analysis technically feasible,(More)
The analysis of gene promoters is essential to understand the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation required under the effects of physiological processes, nutritional intake or pathologies. In higher eukaryotes, transcriptional regulation implies the recruitment of a set of regulatory proteins that bind on combinations of nucleotide motifs. We developed(More)
We report on wind-tunnel measurements of particle velocity distribution in aeolian transport. By performing extended statistics, we show that for saltation occurring over an erodible bed the vertical lift-off velocity distributions deviate significantly from a Gaussian law and exhibit a long tail accurately described by a lognormal law. In contrast,(More)
Measurements indicate that the solid volume fraction on a sand ripple varies from random jammed packing at troughs to the minimum stable packing at crests. By relating variations of the solid volume fraction to those of the surface turbulent shear stress, a collisional model of reptation suggests a qualitative origin for these observations. Although the(More)
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