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The Nakdong River Estuary Barrage (NREB) was constructed in 1987 to prevent saltwater intrusion and to provide the sustainable water supply in the upstream channel. Sediment dredging has been conducted to eliminate deposited sediments in the approached upstream channel of the NREB. Fluvial changes and sedimentation problems have been continued due to(More)
The transport and toxicity of metals at the California Gulch, Colorado mine-impacted watershed were simulated with a spatially distributed watershed model. Using a database of observations for the period 1984-2004, hydrology, sediment transport, and metals transport were simulated for a June 2003 calibration event and a September 2003 validation event.(More)
We investigate the applicability of the Two-dimensional, Runoff, Erosion and Export (TREX) model to simulate extreme floods on large watersheds in semi-arid regions in the western United States. Spatially-distributed extreme storm and channel components are implemented so that the TREX model can be applied to this problem. TREX is demonstrated via(More)
This study extends the earlier contribution of Julien and Wargadalam in 1995. A larger database for the downstream hydraulic geometry of alluvial channels is examined through a nonlinear regression analysis. The database consists of a total of 1,485 measurements, 1,125 of which describe field data used for model calibration. The remaining 360 field and(More)
A theoretical investigation of local scour downstream of grade-control structures based on two-dimensional jet diffusion and particle stability is experimentally verified. Turbulent jet diffusion reduces fluid velocity near the bed particles and equilibrium scour is obtained when noncohesive bed particles cannot be removed from the scour hole. Equilibrium(More)
Contaminant releases from upland areas can have adverse water quality and stream ecology impacts. TREX (Two-dimensional, Runoff, Erosion, and Export) is a spatially distributed, physically-based model to simulate chemical transport and fate at the watershed scale. TREX combines surface hydrology and sediment transport features from the CASC2D watershed(More)
The Cochiti reach of the Rio Grande served as a case study to test the hypothesis that the lateral mobility of an alluvial river decreases as the river approaches equilibrium. The lateral mobility of the river was measured using a geographic information system from digitized aerial photographs of the nonvegetated active channel between 1918 and 2001.(More)
The average bed and sidewall shear stresses in smooth rectangular open-channel flows are determined after solving the continuity and momentum equations. The analysis shows that the shear stresses are function of three components: (1) gravitational; (2) secondary flows; and (3) interfacial shear stress. An analytical solution in terms of series expansion is(More)