Pierre Van Elslande

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Previous research on motorcycle crashes has shown the frequency and severity of accidents in which a non-priority road user failed to give way to an approaching motorcyclist without seeing him/her, even though the road user had looked in the approaching motorcycle's direction and the motorcycle was visible. These accidents are usually called(More)
The world of powered two-wheelers has changed dramatically in recent decades, along with a steady increase in the number and diversity of the fleet and uses. This evolution has led to some benefits in terms of mobility, but also some drawbacks in terms of safety. The problems involved are neither simple nor monolithic and there is a lack of knowledge about(More)
An evaluation of 14 driving aids specially designed to improve safety is presented. The following question was asked: would the accident have taken place if any of the parties involved had one of these aids at his disposal? To answer, the authors used 350 police reports, referring to results from files of in-depth accident studies. By appropriate(More)
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