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We describe a robot system capable of locating a part in an unstructured pile of objects, choose a grasp on the part, plan a motion to reach the part safely, and plan a motion to place the part at a commanded position. The system requires as input a polyhedral world model including models of the part to be manipulated, the robot arm, and any other fixed(More)
In this paper, we propose a mixed approach for motion planning that decomposes the problem into two levels. At the global level, we build a graph whose nodes represent relatively large cells of the Configuration Space of the robotic system. Adjacent cells are connected by edges weighted by the probability for the local planner to succeed in computing a(More)
Presents a tool for designing locomotion plans and controlling their execution, suited for mobile robots with an extensive set of command and perception primitives. The use of this tool is illustrated by its application to RAMI, a four-tiltable-track robot fitted to a large scope of applications requiring high locomotion agility. A discussion of plan(More)
A collection of slides from the author's PowerPoint presentation is provided. Some of the conclusios are: BB and IP everywhere is a true global trend, including in Mobile. Infotainment, personalization and 'non classical' revenue models are key to any future business plan. Network Transformation shall enable proactive, valuable and sustainable(More)