Pierre Tihon

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In this paper we propose a novel kind of multi-point vibration sensor based on the polarization properties of light. Its principle relies on the combination of mechanical transducers with fiber Bragg gratings. When subject to vibrations, the mechanical transducers induce birefringence variations within the fiber and in turn modify the state of polarization,(More)
A new type of highly birefringent microstructured optical fiber has been tested for vibration measurements using a polarimetric technique. This technique takes advantage of the stress-induced phase shift between the two orthogonally polarized fiber eigenmodes. Comparison of three different fiber types shows that standard single-mode fibers do not provide(More)
This paper presents a novel technique for the measurement of accelerations using an optical-fiber accelerometer based on the analysis of polarization variations. The technique relies on the identification of six parameters of the fiber Mueller matrix through polarimetric measurements. We demonstrate by theoretical and experimental work that the sensitivity(More)
In this paper, the characteristics of a polarization-based vibration sensor are theoretically and experimentally analyzed with a focus on its sensitivity and linearity. It is shown that this sensor can correctly recover the vibration frequency spectrum (i.e., with limited distortions) up to an acceleration of 140 m/s(2), with a sensitivity equal to 9.98(More)
This paper presents the design of a mechanical transducer for a new kind of optical-fiber accelerometer based on birefringence variation. Vibration-induced fiber deformation modifies the birefringence within the fiber and hence the state of polarization of the light. To deform the fiber a mechanical transducer has to be made. This article compares(More)
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