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The quality of ultrasound based diagnosis highly depends on the operator's skills. Some healthcare centres may not have the required medical experts on hand when needed and therefore may not benefit from highly specialized ultrasound examinations. The aim of this project is to provide a reliable solution in order to perform expert ultrasound examinations in(More)
Having a haptic virtual environment for tele-echography will enable the medical expert with faster adaptation and especially facilitated immersion in what we could call a "virtual echographic examination cabinet". The innovation of this haptic control is to preserve medical expert proprioception and gesture feelings, which provide the users with indications(More)
This chapter: • Motivates the clinical use of robotic tele-echography • Introduces the TER system • Describes technical and clinical evaluations performed with TER. 1. Introduction Ultrasonic (US) imaging is very frequently used for diagnostic or interventional procedures. This widespread modality requires a very good expertise of the operator, depending on(More)
This paper presents a master-slave system applied to the remote diagnosis from echographic data. The motion of the master manipulator is remotely controlled by a physician and reproduced by a slave robot carrying the echographic probe. The contact force between the probe and the patient is fed back to operator allowing him to have a haptic virtual(More)
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