Pierre-Thomas Brun

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We report the discovery of faint very high energy (VHE, E > 100 GeV) γ-ray emission from the radio galaxy Centaurus A in observations performed with the H.E.S.S. experiment, an imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescope array consisting of four telescopes located in Namibia. Centaurus A has been observed for more than 120 h. A signal with a statistical(More)
The giant radio galaxy M 87 with its proximity (16 Mpc), famous jet, and very massive black hole ((3 − 6) × 109M ) provides a unique opportunity to investigate the origin of very high energy (VHE; E>100 GeV) γ-ray emission generated in relativistic outflows and the surroundings of super-massive black holes. M 87 has been established as a VHE γ-ray emitter(More)
A family of lanthanide complexes has been synthesized by the subcomponent self-assembly methodology. Molecular architectures, which were stable in solution and under ambient conditions, were designed by the in situ formation of ligands around lanthanide ion templates. Magnetic studies indicated that, despite the low C2 symmetry, 1 and 2 display single(More)