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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t We present a numerical model for the dynamics of thin viscous threads based on a discrete, Lagrangian formulation of the smooth equations. The model makes use of a condensed set of coordinates, called the centerline/spin representation: the kinematic constraints linking the centerline's tangent to the orientation of the(More)
Trick roping evolved from humble origins as a cattle-catching tool into a sport that delights audiences all over the world with its complex patterns or 'tricks'. Its fundamental tool is the lasso, formed by passing one end of a rope through a small loop (the honda) at the other end. Here, we study the mechanics of the simplest rope trick, the Flat Loop, in(More)
A family of lanthanide complexes has been synthesized by the subcomponent self-assembly methodology. Molecular architectures, which were stable in solution and under ambient conditions, were designed by the in situ formation of ligands around lanthanide ion templates. Magnetic studies indicated that, despite the low C2 symmetry, 1 and 2 display single(More)
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