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Formal Verification of Blockchain Byzantine Fault Tolerance
It is argued that it has now become both relatively simple and crucial to formally verify the correctness of blockchain consensus protocols. Expand
Cross-Chain Payment Protocols with Success Guarantees
This paper presents the first cross-chain payment protocol that ensures termination in a bounded amount of time and works correctly in the presence of clock skew, and introduces a new specification formalism called Asynchronous Networks of Timed Automata (ANTA) to formalise such protocols. Expand
Feasibility of Cross-Chain Payment with Success Guarantees
It is demonstrated that it is possible to solve the problem of cross-chain payment when assuming synchrony, in the sense that each message is guaranteed to arrive within a known amount of time, but impossible to solve withoutAssuming synchrony. Expand
Privacy Budget Scheduling
PrivateKube is described, an extension to the popular Kubernetes datacenter orchestrator that adds privacy as a new type of resource to be managed alongside other traditional compute resources, such as CPU, GPU, and memory. Expand