Pierre Starck

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We describe a simple method for the controlled mixing of particles that could be used to produce materials with new properties. We demonstrate the procedure with sets of silica particles that have each been coated with one of two different organic thin films. One set of particles is functionalized with carboxylic acid groups and the other with ethylene(More)
We have measured the viscosity of suspensions of colloidal silica particles (d = 300 nm) and the properties of silica surfaces in solutions of a polymer consisting of zwitterionic monomer groups, poly(sulfobetaine methacrylate), polySBMA. This polymer has potential use in modifying surface properties because the polymer is net uncharged and therefore does(More)
In most of the classical studies of heteroflocculation two sets of oppositely charged particles are mixed. In this current study, a somewhat different mechanism of heteroflocculation is described. Two sets of concentrated dispersions of polyacrylate latex particles (having the same surface-charge sign) have been mixed, where the surface of one set had been(More)
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