Pierre St-Hilaire

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Holography has long been recognized as an effective way to convey the information of complex 3dimensional structures such as those encountered in medical imaging, computer-aided design and navigation. However, attempts at implementing a real-time holographic display device have been hampered by the enormous space-bandwidth products required by such a task.(More)
Sleep misperception is often observed in insomnia individuals (INS). The extent of misperception varies between different types of INS. The following paper comprised sections which will be aimed at studying the sleep EEG and compares it to subjective reports of sleep in individuals suffering from either psychophysiological insomnia or paradoxical insomnia(More)
The MIT holographic video display can be converted to color by illuminating the 3 acoustic channels of the acousto-optic modulator (AOM) with laser light corresponding to the red, green, and blue parts of the visible spectrum. The wavelengths selected are 633 nm (red), 532 nm (green), and 442 nm (blue). Since the AOM is operated in the Bragg regime, each(More)
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