Pierre Simonnet

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We investigate the topological complexity of non Borel recognizable tree languages with regard to the difference hierarchy of analytic sets. We show that, for each integer n ≥ 1, there is a Dωn(Σ 1 1)-complete tree language Ln accepted by a (non deterministic) Muller tree automaton. On the other hand, we prove that a tree language accepted by an unambiguous(More)
In his thesis Baire defined functions of Baire class 1. A function f is of Baire class 1 if it is the pointwise limit of a sequence of continuous functions. Baire proves the following theorem. A function f is not of class 1 if and only if there exists a closed nonempty set F such that the restriction of f to F has no point of continuity. We prove the(More)
We consider the set Rω(Γ, D) of infinite real traces, over a dependence alphabet (Γ, D) with no isolated letter, equipped with the topology induced by the prefix metric. We then prove that all rational languages of infinite real traces are analytic sets. We reprove also that there exist some rational languages of infinite real traces which are analytic but(More)
In this paper, we study the continuity of rational functions realized by Büchi finite state transducers. It has been shown by Prieur that it can be decided whether such a function is continuous. We prove here that surprisingly, it cannot be decided whether such a function f has at least one point of continuity and that its continuity set C(f) cannot be(More)