Pierre Salomon

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The preparation of O-octadecyl-S-chlorodifluoromethyl xanthate from chlorodifluoroacetic acid and its use as a convenient source of chlordifluoromethyl radicals is described. This reagent may be used to access gem-difluoroalkenes and -dienes, as well as (2,2-difluoroethyl)indolines, -indoles, and -naphthols.
We investigated in-hospital and long-term mortality in 16 patients with infective endocarditis and paravalvular abscess on a prosthetic valve (6 of whom underwent surgery) and in 12 patients with infective endocarditis and paravalvular abscess on a native valve (8 of whom underwent surgery). The only significant risk factor for in-hospital mortality in(More)
In 82 patients with infective endocarditis, including 11 with a perivalvular abscess detected by transesophageal echocardiography, age was a significant predictor of in-hospital mortality (p <0.001). At 3.8-year follow-up, 5 of 7 patients with an abscess who had valve replacement and 2 of 4 patients with an abscess who did not have surgery survived (p =(More)
We investigated the prevalence of intrapulmonary shunts in 82 patients with hepatic cirrhosis referred for echocardiography as part of liver transplantation evaluation. Intrapulmonary shunts were present in 49 of 82 patients (60%). Baseline characteristics were similar in patients with and without intrapulmonary shunts. Mean follow up was 41 +/- 15 months(More)
The synthesis of the novel O-ethyl-S-(4-chlorophenylthio)difluoromethyl xanthate and its radical addition to various terminal alkenes are described. The geminal difluorosulfide adducts undergo closure onto the aromatic ring by further treatment with peroxide to furnish difluorothiochromans, a new family of organofluorine compounds.
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