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Using high-resolution positron emission tomography and the oxygen 15 continuous inhalation method, we examined the changes in cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen, blood flow, blood volume, and oxygen extraction fraction as a function of age in 25 optimally healthy, unmedicated volunteers who ranged in age from 20 to 68 years. Subjects were strictly selected(More)
Successive auditory stimulation sequences were presented binaurally to 18 young normal volunteers. Five conditions were investigated: two reference tasks, assumed to involve passive listening to couples of musical sounds, and three discrimination tasks, one dealing with pitch, and two with timbre (either with or without the attack). A symmetrical montage of(More)
This study was conducted to delineate the pattern of the writing impairments in 12 patients with Alzheimer type dementia. The patients performed writing tasks involving regular and irregular words and nonwords given by dictation as well as a decision test composed of printed words and pictures requiring phonologic, lexical, and semantic processing. Writing(More)
Associations between brain cortical tissue volume and cognitive function in old age are frequently interpreted as suggesting that preservation of cortical tissue is the foundation of successful cognitive aging. However, this association could also, in part, reflect a lifelong association between cognitive ability and cortical tissue. We analyzed data on 588(More)
Fifteen patients with probable DAT and 18 matched controls were given tests that required the identification of verbal (phonemes and words) and non verbal (sounds and melodies) stimuli. In all tests, DAT patients made significantly more errors than controls. Errors predominated in non verbal tests in both groups. DAT patients (and, to a lesser degree,(More)
The present study was designed to search for concomitant age-related changes in memory subsystems, defined according to current structural theories, and resting oxygen consumption in selected brain regions. We have investigated a sample of subjects between 20 and 68 years of age and strictly screened for their good health. We applied in the same subjects a(More)
The Squire and Zola-Morgan parallel organization model of the memory and the Tulving hierarchical model were developed mainly through the study of amnesic patients. The predictions of these two models are different, the first being more open to double dissociations and less restrictive than the second. Alzheimer's Disease is characterized by a differential(More)
Studies of central benzodiazepine receptors in the human brain in vivo are now possible using positron emission tomography (PET) and [11C]flumazenil. With the aim of measuring Bmax and Kd in brain regions, we used a two-injection [11C]flumazenil (at high and low specific radioactivity, respectively) pseudo-equilibrium paradigm to evaluate, in seven(More)
The central benzodiazepine receptor occupancy by zolpidem in man is unknown. The present study used positron emission tomography (PET) and [11C]flumazenil to assess in five healthy volunteers, central benzodiazepine receptor occupancy in brain regions with high receptor densities 1 h following an acute oral administration of twice the usual hypnotic dose of(More)
The Canadian Brain Imaging Research Platform (CBRAIN) is a web-based collaborative research platform developed in response to the challenges raised by data-heavy, compute-intensive neuroimaging research. CBRAIN offers transparent access to remote data sources, distributed computing sites, and an array of processing and visualization tools within a(More)