Pierre Rabischong

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− − − − The new generation of implanted neuroprostheses allows muscles to be controlled with fine accuracy, high selectivity and the repeatability of the muscle's response can be achieved. Thus, the closed loop control of such systems becomes possible. The SUAW project succeeded in the implantation of an advanced neuroprosthetic device on two patients, but(More)
— This paper presents the design, development and preliminary test of a new active microendoscope for neuroendoscopy and therapy of the spinal cord. Endoscopy of the spinal sub-arachnoid space is useful for some pathologies, but it is a very challenging task for several reasons: the navigation space is very narrow, there are many blood vessels and delicate(More)
Recent advances in neuroscience allow us to envisage the creation of an artificial brain (BAB, for Big Artificial Brain) in order to reproduce cerebral functions without having to copy individual neurons, the complex properties of which are largely beyond our present technological capabilities. As in the human brain, we intend to combine inputs, a black box(More)
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