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Experimental study of hydraulic ram effects on a liquid storage tank: Analysis of overpressure and cavitation induced by a high-speed projectile.
This work is part of a project for evaluating catastrophic tank failures caused by impacts with a high-speed solid body. Previous studies on shock overpressure and drag events have providedExpand
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Comparative mechanical behavior of dentin enamel and dentin ceramic junctions assessed by speckle interferometry (SI).
OBJECTIVE The dentin-enamel junction (DEJ) plays a crucial role in dental biomechanics; however, little is known about its structure and mechanical behavior. Nevertheless, natural teeth are aExpand
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Impact of a distant wildland fire on an LPG tank
Abstract During wildland fires, homes located close to the fire can be threatened by the thermal heat flux from the firewall. Several studies have attempted to establish safety distances to protectExpand
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Ballistic impact on an industrial tank: study and modeling of consequences.
We have studied the sequence of events that occurs when a high-speed projectile (from 960 ms(-1) to 1480 ms(-1)) penetrates a vessel filled with toxic liquid. We find that prior to liquid ejectionExpand
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Near-field BLEVE overpressure effects: The shock start model
Abstract This paper presents the results of a small scale experimental study of BLEVE overpressure effects. Testing consisted of a sealed aluminum tube (0.6 L) filled with either water or propane,Expand
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Behavior of chemicals in the seawater column by shadowscopy
Ninety percent of the Global Movement of Goods transit by ship. The transportation of HNS (Hazardous and Noxious Substances) in bulk highly increases with the tanker traffic. The huge volumeExpand
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Overpressure wave interaction with droplets: time resolved measurements by laser shadowscopy
Risk sciences involve increasingly optics applications to perform accurate analysis of critical behavior such as failures, explosions, fires. In this particular context, different area sizes areExpand
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Optical characterizations of falling droplets interacting with shock wave
Optical diagnostics are commonly used for imaging and/or measuring with accurate temporal and spatial resolutions. Huge frame rates impose short exposition time and high sensitivity sensors. TheseExpand
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2 D Modeling of Turbulent Flow around a Cylindrical Storage Tank by Artificial Neural Networks
Loss of containment of storage tanks can involve atmospheric dispersion of toxic or flammable gases. The accident of Buncefield oil storage depot in 2005 and the Viareggio LPG explosion in 2009Expand
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