Pierre R. Lebreton

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3D video quality of experience (QoE) is a multidimensional problem; many factors contribute to the global rating like image quality, depth perception and visual discomfort. Due to this multidimensionality, it is proposed in this paper, that as a complement to assessing the quality degradation due to coding or transmission, the appropriateness of the(More)
The UV photoelectron spectra of adenine, 9-methyladenine, and 6-methylaminopurine contain highly resolved bands arising from the six highest occupied molecular orbitals. The spectra have been analyzed using UV absorption data, photoelectron data from previous studies of heterocyclic compounds, and results from both semi-empirical and ab initio molecular(More)
Numerous investigations have focused on DNA damage induced by ionizing radiation; however, photoionization threshold energies of nucleic acid components in aqueous solution are not known. Herein, data from gas-phase photoelectron experiments have been combined with results from self-consistent field and post-self-consistent field molecular orbital(More)
UV photoelectron data for 1,9-dimethylguanine, 3-hydroxytetrahydrofuran, and water, and results from ab initio self-consistent field (SCF) and post-SCF molecular orbital calculations were employed to describe valence electrons in clusters of 2'-deoxyguanosine 5'-phosphate (5'-dGMP-) with four water molecules and a phosphate-bound sodium ion. Two clusters (A(More)
Affective content annotations are typically acquired from subjective manual assessments by experts in supervised laboratory tests. While well manageable, such campaigns are expensive, time-consuming and results may not be generalizable to larger audiences. Crowdsourcing constitutes a promising approach for quickly collecting data with wide demographic scope(More)
The DNA reaction pattern of the methane diazonium ion, which is the reactive intermediate formed from several carcinogenic methylating agents, was examined at N7 and O(6) sites in guanine runs occurring in oligonucleotides and model oligonucleotides. Density functional B3LYP/6-31G*, and SCF 3-21G and STO-3G energies of model transition states were(More)
Self-reported metrics collected in crowdsourcing experiments do not always match the actual user behaviour. Therefore in the laboratory studies the visual attention, the capability of humans to selectively process the visual information with which they are confronted, is traditionally measured by means of eye trackers. Visual attention has not been(More)
This paper describes the results of a subjective test to assess current technology used for 3DTV broadcasting. As a first aspect, the performance of the currently deployed coding schemes was compared to state of the art algorithms. Our results show that downsampling and packing 3D stereoscopic videos according to the so called Side-By-Side format gives the(More)