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Quantum Hamiltonians that are fine-tuned to their so-called Rokhsar-Kivelson (RK) points, first presented in the context of quantum dimer models, are defined by their representations in preferred bases in which their ground state wave functions are intimately related to the partition functions of combinatorial problems of classical statistical physics. We(More)
In this paper we continue and extend our earlier study [15] of plateaux in magne-tization curves of antiferromagnetic Heisenberg spin-1/2 ladders. We first review a bosonic field-theoretical formulation of a single XXZ-chain in the presence of a magnetic field, which is then used for an Abelian bosonization analysis of N weakly coupled chains. Predictions(More)
We investigated the classical Shastry-Sutherland lattice under an external magnetic field in order to understand the recently discovered magnetization plateaux in the rare-earth tetraborides compounds RB4. A detailed study of the role of thermal fluctuations was carried out by mean of classical spin waves theory and Monte-Carlo simulations. Magnetization(More)
We consider a classical interacting dimer model which interpolates between the square lattice case and the triangular lattice case by tuning a chemical potential in the diagonal bonds. The interaction energy simply corresponds to the number of plaquettes with parallel dimers. Using transfer matrix calculations, we find in the anisotropic triangular case a(More)
We study zero-temperature Hubbard chains with periodically modulated hopping at arbitrary filling n and magnetization m. We show that the magnetization curves have plateaux at certain values of m which depend on the periodicity p and the filling. At commensurate filling n a charge gap opens and then magnetization plateaux correspond to fully gapped(More)
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