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In this paper we address the problem of the stability and convergence of the stochastic approximation procedure θ n+1 = θn + γ n+1 [h(θn) + ξ n+1 ]. The stability of such sequences {θn} is known to heavily rely on the behaviour of the mean field h at the boundary of the parameter set and the magnitude of the stepsizes used. The conditions typically required(More)
In this paper, a perturbation expansion technique is introduced to decompose the tracking error of a general adaptive tracking algorithm in a linear regression model. This method allow to obtain tracking error bound but also tight approximate expressions for the moments of the tracking error. These expressions allow to evaluate , both qualitatively and(More)
Fluid limit techniques have become a central tool to analyze queueing networks over the last decade, with applications to performance analysis, simulation, and optimization.In this paper some of these techniques are extended to a general class of skip-free Markov chains. As in the case of queueing models, a fluid approximation is obtained by scaling time,(More)
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