Pierre Poulin

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Stem cells that can give rise to neurons, astroglia, and oligodendroglia have been found in the developing and adult central nervous system (CNS) of rodents. Yet, their existence within the human brain has not been documented, and the isolation and characterization of multipotent embryonic human neural stem cells have proven difficult to accomplish. We show(More)
We describe an interactive system to reconstruct 3D geometry and extract textures from a set of photographs taken with arbitrary camera parameters. The basic idea is to let the user draw 2D geometry on the images and set constraints using these drawings. Because the input comes directly from the user, he can more easily resolve most of the ambiguities and(More)
We present a new particle-based method for viscoelastic fluid simulation. We achieve realistic small-scale behavior of substances such as paint or mud as they splash on moving objects. Incompressibility and particle anti-clustering are enforced with a double density relaxation procedure which updates particle positions according to two opposing pressure(More)
A reflection and refraction model for anisotropic surfaces is introduced. The anisotropy is simulated by small cylinders (added or subtracted) distributed on the anisotropic surface. Different levels of anisotropy are achieved by varying the distance between each cylinder and/or rising the cylinders more or less from the surface. Multidirectional anisotropy(More)
We introduce a set of techniques that are used together to produce realistic-looking animations of burning objects. These include a new method for simulating spreading on polygonal meshes. A key component of our approach consists in using individual flames as primitives to animate and render the fire. This simplification enables rapid computation and gives(More)
Previous studies of the adult hippocampus of rodents and primates have reported neuro- and gliogenesis restricted to the region of the dentate gyrus. In the present study, by employing a prolonged bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) labeling protocol that attempts to account for cytokinetic changes as an animal ages, we have identified mitotically active cells in(More)
We present Linear Efficient Antialiased Displacement and Reflectance (LEADR) mapping, a reflectance filtering technique for displacement mapped surfaces. Similarly to LEAN mapping, it employs two mipmapped texture maps, which store the first two moments of the displacement gradients. During rendering, the projection of this data over a pixel is used to(More)
In our method, real scene geometry is first approximately reconstructed from photographs. Additional images are taken from a single viewpoint with a real light in different positions to estimate reflectance. A filtering process is used to compensate for inaccuracies, and per image reflectances are averaged to generate an approximate diffuse reflectance(More)
We propose an approach for complex software analysis based on visualization. Our work is motivated by the fact that in spite of years of research and practice, software development and maintenance are still time and resource consuming, and high-risk activities. The most important reason in our opinion is the complexity of many phenomena related to software,(More)