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We have now sufficient evidence that using electrical biosignals in the field of Alternative and Augmented Communication is feasible. Additionally, they are particularly suitable in the case of people with severe motor impairment, e.g. people with high-level spinal cord injury or with locked-up syndrome. Developing solutions for them implies that we find(More)
For some people with motor disabilities and speech disorders, the only way to communicate and to have some control over their environment is through the use of a controlled scanning system operated by a single switch. The main problem with these systems is that the communication process tends to be exceedingly slow, since the system must scan through the(More)
This article deals with a method of automatic adaptation of the scrolling time of the different actions proposed in a madmachine interface called "communicator". The EDITH project (for Digital Remote-action Environment for Disabled persons), elaborated at the University of Metz, was used as a test-bed to define this method. It is only ajier the clinical(More)
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