Pierre-Philippe Volkmar

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The aim of this prospective and randomized study was to establish whether the use of fibrin glue was beneficial after axillary lymph node dissection. From January 1990 to January 1991, 40 women were randomized before surgery for breast cancer: 20 patients (group A) underwent vaporization of fibrin glue (Tissucol, 5 ml of 500 IU thrombin) only in the area of(More)
The use of somatostatin analogs is a new conservative therapeutic approach for the treatment of chyle fistulas developing after thyroid cancer surgery. The combination therapy with a total parenteral nutrition should avoid the high morbidity of a re-intervention with an uncertain outcome. This promising trend is supported by the present case report of a(More)
The role of trace elements in the wound-healing process is still controversial. Their variations within a normal colonic wound healing have never been studied. An experimental study on rabbits was designed to study magnesium, iron, copper and zinc variations in blood, normal colonic walls and colonic anastomoses on each of the first 7 postoperative days. No(More)
BACKGROUND Thyroid surgeries associated with an elevated incidence of recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) injury are considered high-risk thyroidectomies. These high-risk operations include surgery for thyroid cancer, Graves disease, and recurrent goitre. In addition, the size of the goitre is an important risk factor for RLN injury. OBJECTIVE In our(More)
This study aimed at testing human skin wound healing improvement by a 21-day supplementation of 1.0 g ascorbic acid (AA) and 0.2 g pantothenic acid (PA). 49 patients undergoing surgery for tattoos, by the successive resections procedure, entered a double-blind, prospective and randomized study. Tests performed on both skin and scars determined:(More)
To study the effects of vitamins B5 and C on the healing process of colonic anastomoses, 3 groups of 20 rabbits were given daily either placebo (group A), or vitamin B5 (100 mg/kg: group B) or vitamin C (100 mg/kg: group C). After 8 days of supplementation, via a midline incision and under general anaesthesia, 2 colonic segments were removed, and the(More)
The aim of this prospective and randomized study, was to demonstrate the benefit by using fibrin glue after axillary lymph node dissection. From January 1990 to January 1991, forty females were randomized before surgery for breast cancer: 20 patients of the group A underwent additional application of fibrin glue (5 ml containing 500 IU of thrombin) by spray(More)
BACKGROUND The American Thyroid Association (ATA) recommends using ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration (FNA) in order to evaluate supracentimetric and suspect thyroid nodules. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effective use of FNA before surgery for nodules over 3 cm in diameter. METHODS In this retrospective study, we analyzed the(More)
The results of an alternative to the classic diverting lateral colostomy when used to protect a high risk anastomosis are reported. Fourteen out of 122 patients undergoing colonic or colorectal resection had a restoration of intestinal continuity with a proximal closed loop colostomy — of these 11 did not require opening in the immediate post-operative(More)
The main object of this study is voice quality after total thyroidectomy (which involves complete removal of the thyroid gland) or isthmolobectomie (which involves removal of the half, right or left, portions of the gland). This often causes degradation of voice quality permanently or temporarily. Voice quality will be studied using aerodynamic cues. From(More)