Jean-Luc Faillie2
Anne Farret2
Dominique Hillaire-Buys2
A P Sokolov2
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  • F H Stillinger, B Frick, D Richter, Tran-Sition W Gbtze, J P Hansen, D Levesque +60 others
  • 2008
This does not exclude the possibility, that larger structural fragments (such as tetra-mers and pentamers) can also contribute to the low-frequency vibrational spectrum around the boson peak. On the basis of these results, the following model of the glass transition of glycerol can be proposed. At temperatures far above Tg (186 K), the lifetime of the MRO(More)
In pancreatic beta-cells, glutamate has been proposed to mediate insulin secretion as a glucose-derived factor, although it is also considered for its sole catabolic function. Hence, changes in cellular glutamate levels are a matter of debate. Here, we investigated the effects of glucose and the glutamate precursor glutamine on kinetics of glutamate levels(More)
Pancreatic beta cells express several P2 receptors including P2Y(1) and the modulation of insulin secretion by extracellular nucleotides has suggested that these receptors may contribute to the regulation of glucose homeostasis. To determine whether the P2Y(1) receptor is involved in this process, we performed studies in P2Y(1)-/- mice. In baseline(More)
Extracellular adenosine triphosphate is able to modulate pancreatic beta-cell function, acting on P2 purinergic ionotropic (P2X) and metabotropic (P2Y) receptors. Physiologically, ATP entrains beta-cells into a common rhythm by coordinating Ca(2+) oscillations; it plays a central role in insulin secretion pulsatility. ATP also triggers a positive feedback(More)
Several case-reports suggest that the use of quinolones may increase the risk of psychiatric adverse reactions such as suicidal behaviors. The aim of this study is to investigate whether there is a safety signal for quinolone-related suicidal behaviors in a global adverse drug reactions database. All antibiotic-related adverse reactions were extracted from(More)
Bupropion is largely used as an antidepressant and smoking cessation therapy. The aim of this work was to compare pharmacodynamic properties of bupropion and the amphetamine-like methylphenidate after sustained administration in humans. Twelve male volunteers completed this randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, cross-over study. Bupropion and(More)
Infinite permutations of lowest maximal pattern complexity (to appear). On periodicity and low complexity of infinite permutations, Euro-pean J. Abstract. We give a short proof of Cramér's large deviations theorem based on convex duality. This proof does not resort to the law of large numbers or any other limit theorem. The most fundamental result in(More)
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