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Adding a module system to LISP enhances program security and efficiency, and help the programmer master the complexity of large systems, thus facilitating application and delivery. TALK's module system is based on a simple compilation model which takes macros into account and provides a solid basis for automatic module management tools. Higher-level(More)
A tight, transparent, and portable integration between C++ and LISP is desirable and feasible. This paper describes the C++ interface supplied with, a modern LISP dialect which extends the proposed ISLisp standard with a module system, a metaobject protocol, and an extensive set of libraries. The interface parses C++ header files and generates C++ stub(More)
Foreword The EULISP group rst met in September 1985 at IRCAM in Paris to discuss the idea of a new dialect of Lisp, which should be less constrained by the past than Common Lisp and less minimalist than Scheme. Subsequent meetings formulated the view of EULISP that was presented at the 1986 Since then, progress has not been steady, but happening as various(More)
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