Pierre-Olivier Poulain

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Collision-induced dissociation, laser-induced dissociation and electron-capture dissociation are compared on a singly and doubly protonated pentapeptide. The dissociation spectrum depends on the excitation mechanism and on the charge state of the peptide. The comparison of these results with the conformations obtained from Monte Carlo simulations suggests(More)
The huge amount of data generated by DNA chips is a powerful basis to classify various pathologies. However, constant evolution of microarray technology makes it difficult to mix data from different chip types for class prediction of limited sample populations. Affymetrix® technology provides both a quantitative fluorescence signal and a decision (detection(More)
The relative performances of different implementations of the Wang-Landau method are assessed on two classes of systems with continuous degrees of freedom, namely, two polypeptides and two atomic Lennard-Jones clusters. Parallel tempering Monte Carlo simulations serve as a reference, and we pay particular attention to the variations of the multiplicative(More)
A new method for class prediction based on signed-rank algorithms applied to Affymetrix(R) microarray experiments BMC Bioinformatics 2008, 9:16 doi:10.1186/1471-2105-9-16 Thierry Reme (reme@montp.inserm.fr) Dirk Hose (dirk_hose@yahoo.de) John De Vos (devos@montp.inserm.fr) Aurelien Vassal (vassal.aurelien1@free.fr) Pierre-Olivier Poulain(More)
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