Pierre-Olivier Lang

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Vaccination policies in most high-income countries attempt to reduce the adverse impact of influenza targeting people aged at least 60 years. However, while it is widely believed that the current immunization strategy saves many lives, influenza infection still remains a severe burden in aged individuals leading to a wide debate on the exact magnitude of(More)
Foremost amongst the diseases preventable by vaccination is influenza. Worldwide, influenza virus infection is associated with serious adverse events leading to hospitalization, debilitating complications, and death in elderly individuals. Immunization is considered to be the cornerstone for preventing these adverse health outcomes, and vaccination programs(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify factors predictive of rapid cognitive decline (RCD) among elderly subjects aged 75 or over suffering from dementia. METHODS The analysis concerned 250 patients drawn from the 'Sujet Agé Fragile--Evaluation et Suivi' (SAFES) cohort, presenting a dementia syndrome at inclusion and followed-up for at least 1 year. RCD was defined as the(More)
Age related male hypogonadism, or "andropause", is increasingly recognized as of frequent occurrence in older patients. Diagnosis requires both the presence of clinical symptoms and low testosterone levels. However, diagnosing andropause in this age group may be challenging since symptoms are frequently non specific and testosterone levels are influenced by(More)
The two components of the body weight (i.e., fat mass and muscle mass) appeared to be of high interest to consider in predicting metabolic health related risks. We aimed to determine cutoff values for fat mass index (FMI) and muscle mass index (MMI), FM/MM, and BMI for metabolic and cardiovascular health. This study was a cross-sectional analysis study(More)
BACKGROUND We currently use the depression subscale (HADD) of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) for depression screening in elderly inpatients. Given recent concerns about the performance of the HADD in this age group, we performed a quality-control study retrospectively comparing HADD with the diagnosis of depression by a psychiatrist. We(More)
The irremediable ageing of the world population, the aged-related increasing in the prevalence of infectious diseases the fear of any influenza pandemic rife have recently led the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS) et the International Association of Geriatric and Gerontology European Regions (IAGG-ER) of establishing vaccine recommendations(More)
The burden of illness and healthcare resource utilisation associated with herpes zoster in individuals aged 60 years or above is substantial, causing severe loss of quality of life. In the absence of antiviral therapy, up to 45% of over 60 year-olds experience pain which persists for months to years. The importance of preventive strategies for PHN is(More)
Even though the efforts in research have detailed further the physiopathology and the dynamics of the frailty process an operational definition of frailty is still far from being unequivocal. Studies carried out from the SAFEs cohort study allowed a pragmatic approach in the identification of the at-risk groups for the lost of independency during the(More)
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