Pierre Olivier Lang

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Potentially inappropriate prescribing is common in older people presenting to hospital with acute illness in Ireland. The aim of this study was to determine if this phenomenon is unique to Ireland or whether it is a more widespread problem in hospitals across Europe. Prospective data were collected from 900 consecutive older patients admitted to six(More)
Frailty has long been considered synonymous with disability and comorbidity, to be highly prevalent in old age and to confer a high risk for falls, hospitalization and mortality. However, it is becoming recognized that frailty may be a distinct clinical syndrome with a biological basis. The frailty process appears to be a transitional state in the dynamic(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify early markers of prolonged hospital stays in older people in acute hospitals. DESIGN A prospective, multicenter study. SETTING Nine hospitals in France. PARTICIPANTS One thousand three hundred six patients aged 75 and older were hospitalized through an emergency department (Sujet Agé Fragile: Evaluation et suivi (SAFEs)--Frail(More)
To identify predictive factors for 2-year mortality in frail elderly patients after acute hospitalisation, and from these to derive and validate a Mortality Risk Index (MRI). A prospective cohort of elderly patients was set up in nine teaching hospitals. This cohort was randomly split up into a derivation cohort (DC) of 870 subjects and a validation cohort(More)
Geriatric pharmacotherapy represents one of the biggest achievements of modern medical interventions. However, geriatric pharmacotherapy is a complex process that encompasses not only drug prescribing but also age-appropriate drug development and manufacturing, appropriate drug testing in clinical trials, rational and safe prescribing, reliable(More)
Vaccination policies in most high-income countries attempt to reduce the adverse impact of influenza targeting people aged at least 60 years. However, while it is widely believed that the current immunization strategy saves many lives, influenza infection still remains a severe burden in aged individuals leading to a wide debate on the exact magnitude of(More)
Foremost amongst the diseases preventable by vaccination is influenza. Worldwide, influenza virus infection is associated with serious adverse events leading to hospitalization, debilitating complications, and death in elderly individuals. Immunization is considered to be the cornerstone for preventing these adverse health outcomes, and vaccination programs(More)
OBJECTIVE the study aimed to determine the prevalence of and risk factors for inappropriate prescribing (IP) and prescribing omission (PO) in elderly with mental co-morbidities. PARTICIPANTS One hundred fifty consecutive inpatients with mental co-morbidities hospitalised for acute medical illness (mean age 80 +/- 9, 70% of women) were considered for the(More)
2. Sager MA, Franke T, Inouye SK et al. Functional outcomes of acute medical illness and hospitalization in older persons. Arch Intern Med 1996; 156: 645–52. 3. Cornette P, Swine C, Malhomme B, Gillet JB, Meert P, D’Hoore W. Early evaluation of the risk of functional decline following hospitalization of older patients: development of a predictive tool. Eur(More)
BACKGROUND In France, there is evidence to suggest that 50% of elderly individuals are prescribed psychotropic medications. However, it is known that use of these agents increases the risk of falls, fractures and delirium in older people. OBJECTIVE To study the consumption of 'potentially inappropriate medication' (PIM) among patients aged>or=75 years,(More)