Pierre-Olivier Amblard

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Directed information theory deals with communication channels with feedback. When applied to networks, a natural extension based on causal conditioning is needed. We show here that measures built from directed information theory in networks can be used to assess Granger causality graphs of stochastic processes. We show that directed information theory(More)
—A definition of stochastic discrete scale invariance (DSI) is proposed and its properties studied. It is shown how the Lamperti transformation, which transforms stationarity in self-similarity, is also a means to connect processes deviating from stationarity and processes which are not exactly scale invariant: in particular we interpret DSI as the image of(More)
This paper addresses the problem of inferring circulation of information between multiple stochastic processes. We discuss two possible frameworks in which the problem can be studied: directed information theory and Granger causality. The main goal of the paper is to study the connection between these two frameworks. In the case of directed information(More)