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This paper presents a system-level methodology (AAA) for signal and image processing algorithms onto circuit architecture. This AAA (Algorithm Architecture Adequation) methodology is added and implemented in an existing software dedicated to the fast prototyping and optimization of real-time embedded algorithms onto multicomponent architectures. The(More)
BACKGROUND Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis is the most common clinical syndrome preceding noma. It is found in developing countries and in malnourished children and especially in deprived groups such as children at Koranic boarding schools. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis and factors(More)
Non odontogenic epithelial cyst, again called fissurary cyst, are dysembryophasic cyst of maxillary, they are born throughout the sutures line of faces. Their diagnosis is raising again association of clinic symptom, especially complementary examination and in particular dental vitality test. Their treatment is surgical. Around 14 cysts fissurary have been(More)
INTRODUCTION The study is transversal and descriptive. It take place in the odontology department in a public hospital in Dakar (Senegal), during 09 month (January-September 2005). The objective of this work was to determine the TP-INR value making possible to carry out an act of oral surgery without haemorrhagic risk. (INR = International Normalized(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study is to show that the socioeconomic situation in Africa influences the treatment of dental trauma. MATERIALS AND METHOD This retrospective study on the treatment of dental trauma was carried out in the department of stomatology in the Universitary Teaching Hospital Aristide Le Dantec (HALD). It concerned 568 patient's(More)
It has become increasingly common for diabetic patients to be considered as candidates for dental implants. However even though success rates of implant therapy in diabetic are high, this does not preclude failures. Failure to osseointegrate in the initial healing phase results in a fibrous tissue encapsulation of the implant and clinical mobility, leading(More)
100 samples of shrimps (frozen entire raw shrimps: FERS and frozen peeled raw shrimps: FPRS) collected in one urban factory, were studied to assess their hygienic and commercial quality. In addition to bacteriological analysis, the dosage of residual bisulphite content was carried out. It appeared that: level of aerobic plate was high for FERS: 2.55.10(4)/g(More)
The trigeminal neuralgia or "painful tic" of the face is an invalidating affection, which affects the quality of life of the patient. The odontologist must be able to diagnose it and take part in his good therapeutic assumption of responsibility. The diagnosis is sometimes difficult, being able to involve unsuited therapeutic methods prejudicial for the(More)
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