Pierre Navaro

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Semi-Lagrangian guiding center simulations are performed on sinusoidal perturbations of cartesian grids, and on deformed polar grid with different boundary conditions. Key ingredients are: the use of a B-spline finite element solver for the Poisson equation and the classical backward semi-Lagrangian method (BSL) for the advection. We are able to reproduce(More)
ITER is the next generation of fusion devices and is intended to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion as a sustainable energy source for the future. To exploit the full potential of the device and to guarantee optimal operation for the device, a high degree of physics modelling and simulation is needed. The European project Euforia(More)
2D Free-surface hydraulic modeling tools are commonly used to assess flood hazard for production of maximal water depth (hmax) maps, as support for flood risk assessment. High Resolution (HR) topographic data are big data getting commonly available and used by hydraulic modeling community. Topographical information and its strategy of inclusion in models,(More)
In this work we are interested in numerical simulations for bedload erosion processes. We present a relaxation solver that we apply to moving dunes test cases in one and two dimensions. In particular we retrieve the so-called anti-dune process that is well described in the experiments. In order to be able to run 2D test cases with reasonable CPU time, we(More)
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