Pierre Montagnier

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Floquet theory plays a ubiquitous role in the analysis and control of time-periodic systems. Its main result is that any fundamental matrix X(t, 0) of a linear system with T -periodic coefficients will have a (generally complex) Floquet factorization with one of the two factors being T -periodic. It is also well known that it is always possible to obtain a(More)
|Many important real-world processes are best modelled by linear time-periodic systems. This paper proposes a new design method for the control of these systems. The method is based on the use of the controllability Gramian and a speci c form for the feedback gain matrix to build a novel control law for the closed-loop system. The new controller can be(More)
One method for realizing the self-orientation of workpieces for grasping by a robot is by means of a shaking belt conveyor. Control of small perturbations around the steady state leads to the control of a linear time-periodic system. We propose and successfully implement an approach for control based on a novel application of Floquet-Lyapunov theory.
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