Pierre-Marc Fournier

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The effect of carbohydrates on calcium absorption were studied in situ following the injection of a solution containing CaCl2 (+45Ca) into the ileal loop. The increase in Ca absorption was proportional to the concentration of carbohydrates injected and could be attributed to a progressive increase in the duration of absorption. In the ileal loop, sorbitol(More)
1. Absorption of ingested calcium (2 ml of a 10mM CaCl2 solution + 45Ca) by the adult rat was shown to be facilitated by the simultaneous ingestion of an active carbohydrate, L-arabinose. As the carbohydrate concentration is increased from 10 to 200 mM, the adsorption of calcium is maximized at a level corresponding to about twice the control adsorption(More)
Three forms of alkaline phosphatase have been isolated from different sections of the small intestine: F3 180 kDa from the duodenum; F2 150 kDa principally jejunal; F1 120 kDa the only ileal form. Their catalytic properties have been compared as well as the electrophoretic properties the dimer and monomer of their phosphorylated intermediates. Pi was a(More)
For four weeks after weaning, rats were fed either on a diet without any calcium utilization factors (-D) or on the same diet with cholecalciferol (+D) or sorbitol (S). In the -D group, blood calcium levels decreased whilst alkaline phosphatase activities in blood and bone were increased. For +D and S groups, these parameters were normal. Using everted or(More)
Calcium transport in the ileal-ligated loop was studied in the adult rat in the presence of either phosphate alone or phosphate-binding compounds, namely either hydroxylated or aminated substances. Sorbitol or creatine (50 mM) added to a 10-mM CaCl2 solution, which was instilled into ileal loop, markedly enhanced calcium transport, as determined by 45Ca(More)
1. There is a good correlation between the capacity of sugars to stimulate calcium transfer and their capacity to be phosphorylated by the intestinal alkaline phosphate with a part of the phosphate liberated from an ester phosphate. 2. On the sugar dependent and sugar independent calcium transfer, inhibitors of this enzyme act differently. 3. Phosphate, a(More)
The effect of calcium, phosphate and the sugars lactose and sorbitol on the intestinal absorption of manganese were studied in adult male rats. Gastric gavage showed that lactose (100 mM or 200 mM) increased the hepatic retention of 54Mn, while phosphate decreased it. In situ ileal loop studies indicated that Mn absorption was normally complete in 30 min.(More)
D- and L-amino acids (arginine, lysine) and hydroxylated molecules (sorbitol, ethyl-ethanolamine), all of which increase the intestinal transfer of calcium, are phosphorylated by jejunal and ileal microvilli. All these molecules inhibit the endogenous phosphorylation of microvilli proteins. D- and L-valine, which are not phosphorylated in the same(More)