Pierre M. Martin

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Opioid agonists (ethylketocyclazocine, etorphine, [D-Ala2,D-Leu5]enkephalin (DADLE), [D-Ala2, N-Me-Phe4-Gly-ol]enkephalin (DAGO), [D-Ser2,Leu5]enkephalin-Thr6 (DSLET) and morphine were found to(More)
Prostaglandin (PG) production by human breast cancers was investigated in 91 lesions selected so that the distribution of histologic type was similar to that of the general population of mammary(More)
Estrogen receptor (ER) immunocytochemical assay (ER-ICA) was assessed in 400 human breast carcinomas. In all cases, patient's age, tumor size, histological type and Scarff-Bloom-Richardson grade, and(More)