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Very few computer models of the spine integrate vertebral growth plates to investigate their mechanical behavior and potential impacts on bone growth. An approach was developed to generate a finite element (FE) model of the lumbar spine and their connective tissues including the growth plate, which allowed a personalization of the geometry based on(More)
Acute sickle hepatic crisis (ASHC) has been observed in approximately 10% of patients with sickle cell disease. It occurs predominantly in patients with homozygous (Hb SS) sickle cell anemia and to a lesser degree in patients with Hb SC disease, sickle cell trait, and Hb S beta thalassemia. Patients commonly present with jaundice, right upper quadrant pain,(More)
This paper tackles the problem of eeciently helping software end users. Assistance to end users has become increasingly critical to the productivity of organizations. The cost of a person or a group of people that provides assistance is substantial. Besides, safety and conndentiality of end-user information are often compromised when assistance is provided.(More)
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