Pierre-Louis Aublin

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Byzantine Fault Tolerant state machine replication (BFT) protocols are replication protocols that tolerate arbitrary faults of a fraction of the replicas. Although significant efforts have been recently made, existing BFT protocols do not provide acceptable performance when faults occur. As we show in this paper, this comes from the fact that all existing(More)
Accountability is becoming increasingly required in today's distributed systems. Indeed, accountability allows not only to detect faults but also to build provable evidence about the misbehaving participants of a distributed system. There exists a number of solutions to enforce accountability in distributed systems, among which PeerReview is the only(More)
—Collaborative systems (e.g., P2P instant messaging, file sharing, live streaming applications) constitute the largest traffic of today's Internet. Common to all these systems is the assumption that, in return to the service offered by the collaborative system, users are willing to participate by sharing their resources with others. However, in practice,(More)
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