Pierre Livet

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Agent-Based Models are useful to describe and understand social, economic and spatial systems' dynamics. But, beside the facilities which this methodology offers, evaluation and comparison of simulation models are sometimes problematic. A rigorous conceptual frame needs to be developed. This is in order to ensure the coherence in the chain linking at the(More)
  • Pierre Livet
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 2010
Experimental psychology has shown differences between predictions of theory of decision and human choices. Emotions like regret can partly explain these differences. Neuroimagery used in combination with behavioural economics (neuroeconomics) has been used in order to try to disentangle the different emotional and rational factors (regret, rejoicing,(More)
Opacity, in Metzinger’s sense, is access to processed information as processed, while transparency is only access to the content of our phenomenal states. I suspect that transparency conflates different notions. First I show that every conscious experience has a “transparent” core (involving intentionality, directedness and assumption of existence,(More)
Judgments about distribution follow various rationales depending on the specific issues. The fairness of the overall distribution and of the corresponding general income taxes and transfers (beyond the specific relief of misery) appears to be directly concerned with people’s means, possibilities, and liberties. Concepts of equal liberty imply a specific(More)
In this paper I want first to ask whether one can change « who » he is. A dilemma is lurking there, a dilemma between autonomy of change and continuity of personal identity. The notion of capability is submitted to a related difficulty. Autonomy implies to be self-committed to an activity but commitment implies revisions of other activities, and this(More)