Pierre Leray

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— This paper presents the ANR project IDROMel, which aims at developing reconfigurable SDR (Software Defined Radio) and Cognitive Radio (CR) equipments. IDROMel is a 3 years project that started in 2005 and finishes in 2009. The main objective of IDROMel is to define, develop and validate a powerful SDR and CR platform combining very last technology(More)
We propose in this paper, a timing analysis of dynamic partial reconfiguration (PR) applied to a NoC (Network on Chip) structure inside a FPGA. In the context of a SDR (Software Defined Radio) example, PR is used to dynamically reconfigure a baseband processing block of a 4G telecommunication chain running in real-time (data rates up to 100 Mbps). The(More)
This paper presents a new methodology to develop SoC/SoPC applications. This methodology is based on UML and MDD and capitalizes the achievements of "Electronic System Level" community by taking into account the new MARTE profile dedicated to real-time embedded systems. In the MOPCOM SoC/SoPC research project, a tooling has been developed to support this(More)
Software radio ideally provides the opportunity to communicate with any radio communication standard by modifying only the software, without any modification to hardware components. However, taking into account the static behavior of current communications protocols, the spectrum efficiency optimization, and flexibility, the radio domain has become an(More)
This paper is about the implementation of a MIMO V-BLAST (vertical bell laboratories layered space-time) square root decoder in a FPGA using dynamic partial reconfiguration. The decoder architecture is based on four CORDIC (coordinate rotation digital computer) units. Among these CORDIC units, three are used in rotation mode and the fourth one is used in(More)
— A Cognitive Radio is the final point of software-defined radio platform evolution : a fully reconfigurable radio that changes its communication modules depending on network and/or user demands. His definition on reconfigurability is very broad and we only focus on the heterogeneous reconfigurable hardware platform for Cognitive Radio. Software Defined(More)
CORDIC algorithm is very widely used in the digital signal processing systems. This article presents a CORDIC-based reconfigurable FPGA architecture that can be changed to perform different algorithms of signal processing. Two examples of CORDIC-based signal processing, such as FFT and SVD algorithms are surveyed in this paper. The fact that the common(More)