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  • Alessandro Variola, Walid Kaabi, Hassen Jenhani, Pierre Lepercq, Giorgio Keppel, Vincenzo Palmieri +1 other
  • 2008
LAL-Orsay is developing an important effort on R&D and technology studies on RF power couplers for superconductive cavities. These are complex and high technology devices due to their basic functions: vacuum and temperature separation form the environment to the cavity. One of the most critical components of high power couplers is the ceramic RF window that(More)
According to the current, widely accepted paradigm, the evolutionary transition from hermaphroditism toward separate sexes occurs in two successive steps: an initial, intermediate step in which unisexual individuals, male or female, sterility mutants coexist with hermaphrodites and a final step that definitively establishes dioecy. Two nonexclusive(More)
A rare homomorphic diallelic self-incompatibility (DSI) system discovered in Phillyrea angustifolia (family Oleaceae, subtribe Oleinae) can promote the transition from hermaphroditism to androdioecy. If widespread and stable in Oleaceae, DSI may explain the exceptionally high rate of androdioecious species reported in this plant family. Here, we set out to(More)
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