Pierre Leclercq

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Architects widely resort to sketch during their early phase of design, because sketching appears to be the most adapted mean to express and to manipulate creative ideas. In order to assist the designers during this inventive phase of work we have developed EsQUIsE-SMA, an on-line system for capturing and interpreting architectural sketches. This prototype(More)
This paper presents a new supporting tool for distant collaborative design, named SketSha. This prototype supports the early stages of design and more particularly the initial and crucial step of free-hand sketching. SketSha and its particular interface, named the virtual desktop, aim to keep from Front-To-Front collaborative work all the benefits and to(More)
Many CAD tools already allow to create and manipulate directly ideas in a digital way. However, designers still use the pen and paper technique during the early design phase of their projects. Indeed, existing CAD tools constraint the creative work. There is a need for a spontaneous human computer interaction in design computing. In order to answer to this(More)
This paper shows that understanding collaborative design goes beyond analyzing group dynamics, tasks' repartitions or negotiation during decision-making processes. During the preliminary phases of design, the intentions of a designer are mainly supported by its sketches and more particularly by specific graphic units inside those sketches. Inside a(More)