Pierre Laurent

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PURPOSE In the holangiotic retina, little is known about the connections between and the circulation within microvessel layers. The goal of the present study was to explore the three-dimensional arrangement and hemodynamics of mouse retinal microvessels. METHODS Confocal microscopy was performed on fluorescein dextran-filled retinal flatmounts. Capillary(More)
"Observer based model predictive control of the water Based painting drying using a humidity profile soft sensor and a temperature measurement", This paper deals with the model predictive control of an infrared drying process of a water based epoxy-amine painting. During the drying cycle, the control problem is to optimize the use of the process under(More)
We investigated the transepithelial potential (TEP) and its responses to changes in the external medium in Alcolapia grahami, a small cichlid fish living in Lake Magadi, Kenya. Magadi water is extremely alkaline (pH = 9.92) and otherwise unusual: titratable alkalinity (290 mequiv L−1, i.e. HCO3 − and CO3 2−) rather than Cl− (112 mmol L−1) represents the(More)
"Predictive control of a nonlinear distributed parameter system: Real time control of a painting film drying process", Abstract This paper deals with the model predictive control of processes. The new step is the use of a distributed parameter system instead of a lumped parameter system. The internal model control structure is also used to solve the(More)
This paper presents a deterministic algorithm for converting points on an ordinary elliptic curve (defined over a field of characteristic 2) to points on a complete binary Ed-wards curve. This avoids the problem of choosing curve parameters at random. When implemented on a large (512 bit) hardware multiplier, computation of point multiplication using this(More)
" Model predictive control for an infrared drying process of a water based epoxy amine painting", Abstract This paper deals with the experimental control of an infrared drying process of a water based epoxy-amine painting. This approach is based on a unidirectional diffusional modeling of infrared drying phenomena where both heat and mass transfers under(More)
Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is an algorithm for public-key cryptography based on elliptic curves over finite fields and is an alternative to commonly-used methods, such as RSA, DSA and Diffie-Hellman. This paper details an experimental study that uses new Intel instructions to increase the performance of ECC by up to 600 percent. Using the PCLMULQDQ(More)
Insect larvae are reported to be a major component of the simple but highly productive trophic web found in Lake Magadi (Kenya, Africa), which is considered to be one of the most extreme aquatic environments on Earth. Previous studies show that fish must display biochemical and physiological adjustments to thrive under the extreme conditions of the lake.(More)