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In crops, inflorescence complexity and the shape and size of the seed are among the most important characters that influence yield. For example, rice panicles vary considerably in the number and order of branches, elongation of the axis, and the shape and size of the seed. Manual low-throughput phenotyping methods are time consuming, and the results are(More)
Circumduction-related nystagmus is an extremely rare and complex oculomotor anomaly. A case observed in a patient with multiple sclerosis was monocular. The lack of any motor paralysis sign demonstrated that central oculomotor pathway dysfunction can affect only one eye. This would only be possible if the central oculomotor pathways were at least in part(More)
Monocular circumduction nystagmus is a very rare ocular movement. A type of circumduction movement, it is caused by successive movements of all the ocular muscles within the framework of a pendular nystagmus. As a monocular movement, it raises the question of the physiopathological mechanism of such a movement which is so complex and is also limited to one(More)
Insertional mutant databases containing Flanking Sequence Tags (FSTs) are becoming key resources for plant functional genomics. We have developed OryGenesDB (http://orygenesdb.cirad.fr/), a database dedicated to rice reverse genetics. Insertion mutants of rice genes are catalogued by Flanking Sequence Tag (FST) information that can be readily accessed by(More)
To organize data resulting from the phenotypic characterization of a library of 30,000 T-DNA enhancer trap (ET) insertion lines of rice (Oryza sativa L cv. Nipponbare), we developed the Oryza Tag Line (OTL) database (http://urgi.versailles.inra.fr/OryzaTagLine/). OTL structure facilitates forward genetic search for specific phenotypes, putatively resulting(More)
OryGenesDB (http://orygenesdb.cirad.fr/index.html) is a database developed for rice reverse genetics. OryGenesDB contains FSTs (flanking sequence tags) of various mutagens and functional genomics data, collected from both international insertion collections and the literature. The current release of OryGenesDB contains 171,000 FSTs, and annotations divided(More)
Two exceptional cases of mesencephalic lacunar infarcts located both in the anterior vascular territory are reported. In patient 1, the infarct selectively involved the red nucleus, thus resulting in a Claude's syndrome. In patient 2, the lesion was limited to the external 2/3 of the cerebral peduncle, and was responsible for a pure motor hemiplegia (PMH).(More)
Three cases of patients with lateral gaze palsy due to brainstem lesion were studied. They underwent a non-verbal dichotic listening test which evidenced a significant decrease of performance in the ear located on the same side as the lesion. This result can be interpreted as an inter-hemispheric imbalance linked to the pathological gaze deviation.