Pierre Kuhn

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This study aimed to review available published reports concerning sudden unexpected postnatal collapse (SUPC) of apparently healthy infants within the first days of postnatal life, establish a structured presentation and delineate recommendations for preventive measures. All published reports of SUPC cases were retrospectively analyzed, and three not(More)
Several pain scales are available for newborns, but the assessment of pain in these preverbal beings, who are in continuing neurological development, remains challenging for healthcare teams. Although neonates at the end of life are particularly vulnerable to pain and discomfort, no assessment tool has been validated in this specific population. The(More)
Three SHOP-type catalysts, in which the C=C(O) double bond was substituted by electron-withdrawing substituents, [Ni{Ph2PC(R1)=C(R2)O}Ph(PPh3)] (2: R1,R2 = -C(Me)=NN(Ph)-; 3: R1 = CO2Et, R2 = Ph; 4: R1 = CO2Et, R2 = CF3), were assessed as ethylene-oligomerisation and -polymerisation catalysts and compared to Keim's complex, [Ni{Ph2PCH=C(Ph)O}Ph(PPh3)] (1).(More)
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