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In order to assess the tolerance induced by hepatic transplantation in a multivisceral graft, a model of a transplant combining the liver and small intestine was developed in the pig, using animals of Large White Isogroup O, typed in the system of major incompatibility as “Swine lymphocyte antigen” (SLA), whose weight varied from 30 to 40 kg. In order to(More)
Abstract: Percutaneous puncture of the kidney allows direct access to the pyelocalicial cavities. The posterior approach of this retroperitoneal organ can be complicated of transcolic punctures due to the postrenal position of the colon. A prospective radiological anatomical study of the relationship between the left kidney and the descending colon was(More)
The aim of this study was to design a three-dimensional model of the human shoulder girdle. Fourteen muscles were modelled geometrically using robotics software (Solid Dynamics System). A static study in reverse dynamics allowed the forces developed in seven muscles to be studied, particularly in the deltoid and supraspinatus during abduction of the arm(More)
The aim of this study was to reinforce the importance of the pectineal ligament in laparoscopic surgery for groin hernia and female urinary incontinence, particularly its anatomical importance in the myopectineal region. A morphologic study was conducted on 44 pectineal ligaments from 23 embalmed and one fresh human cadavers, together with a radiological(More)
It is conventional saying that the fetal rachis shows only one ventral concavity. An echographic study allowed to observe in utero the rachis of more than a hundred live fetuses. The radius of this curvature gradually increases according to the development, revealed by the disappearance of the cervical curvature under the influence of the weight of the head(More)
We report, in an adult, an asymptomatic association between cystic dilatation of the bile duct (type IV A in Todani’s classification) and anomalous pancreatico-biliary ductal union (APBD) with stones in a long common channel. In APBD, the connection between the common bile duct and the main pancreatic duct is located outside the duodenal wall and is(More)
Electromyocartographic analysis of the extension of the leg in different positions has shown that: - on the whole energy developped by all superficial muscles of the thigh is more important in the position of dorsal decubitus than in a seated position; - functionnal activity of the rectus femoris muscle varies according to different subjects. Its activity(More)