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This study evaluated estimates of depression symptoms, major depression, alcohol use or disorders and their association with ART adherence in sub-Saharan Africa. Studies published between January 1, 2006 and July 31, 2011 that documented rates of these mental health problems were identified through electronic databases. A pooled analysis of 23 studies(More)
Disturbances in hemostatic and hemorheological parameters have been investigated in a group of 29 children with nephrotic syndrome: 23 children classified as steroid-sensitive and 6 as steroid-resistant. Studies were performed before prednisone treatment and 3 weeks later, after initiation of steroid therapy. Before treatment, the alterations in hemostatic(More)
In the last decade, there has been an increase in interest in the burden of chronic and disabling health conditions that are not necessarily fatal, such as the mental disorders. This review systematically summarizes data on the burden associated with 11 major mental disorders of adults. The measures of burden include estimates of prevalence, mortality(More)
INTRODUCTION Previous studies have consistently documented that racial/ethnic minority patients with diabetes receive lower quality of care, based on various measures of quality of care and care settings. However, 2 recent studies that used data from Medicare or Veterans Administration beneficiaries have shown improvements in racial/ethnic disparities in(More)
OBJECTIVE Following efforts made in recent years to have effective mental health treatments based on evidence-based guidelines, a working-definition of a minimum level of 'adequate mental health care (AMHC)' for serious mental illness (SMI) was developed in the literature. However, little is known about racial/ethnic disparities in receipt of adequate(More)
OBJECTIVE Public and private stakeholders of substance abuse treatment services require economic cost data to guide program evaluations and funding decisions. BACKGROUND Rigorous cost assessments have been conducted for several treatment programs across the United States, but a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of programs in a particular state has(More)
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Deficiency of coagulation factors VII and X was found in two patients (Erlangen and Nancy) who shared the same chromosomal aberration 46,XY,t(13;Y)(q11;q34) with probable loss of a terminal segment of 13q. Loci involved in synthesis or constitution of these factors may be located at 13 (q34).
PURPOSE To evaluate meniscal damage and the midterm clinical outcome, we performed a retrospective review of 105 lateral meniscal cysts that were treated arthroscopically at our institution. TYPE OF STUDY Retrospective review. METHODS From a series of 8,100 knee arthroscopies, 122 patients (1.5%) with 124 lateral meniscal cysts were selected. Eight of(More)