Pierre Joli

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Pelvic organ prolapse (POP) occurs only in women and becomes more common as women age. However, the surgical practices remain poorly evaluated. The realization of a simulator of the dynamic behavior of the pelvic organs is then identified as a need. It allows the surgeon to estimate the functional impact of his actions before his implementation. In this(More)
Constitutive laws are fundamental to the studies of the mechanically dominated clinical interventions involving soft biological tissues which show a highly anisotropic hyperelastic mechanical properties. The purpose of this paper was to develop an improved constitutive law based on the Holzapfel-Gasser-Ogden's model: to replace the isotropic part with Gent(More)
We present in this paper an iterative algorithm to solve constraint forces for haptic interactive simulation. The haptic forces are induced by interaction with guidance virtual fixtures having forbidden regions. In general, a haptic rendering based on an explicit formulation of the constraint forces (with virtual springs) can lead to severe numerical(More)
Physiological changes in the spatial configuration of the internal organs in the abdomen can induce different disorders that need surgery. Following the complexity of the surgical procedure, mechanical simulations are necessary but the in vivo factor makes complicate the study of pelvic organs. In order to determine a realistic behavior of these organs, an(More)
The main target of T7.1 was the development of VR based demonstrators for soft tissue interaction. While D7.1 mainly focused on theoretical background, and implementation detail, this report advances towards the evaluation of the system from several points of view. The studies range from psychophysical evaluation experiments, to more technical evaluation of(More)
Development of user-friendly and flexible scientific programs is a key to their usage, extension and maintenance. This article presents an Object-Oriented Programming approach for the development of FER/Mech—a software with interactive graphics for use in the design and analysis of two and three dimensional multibody dynamic systems. The general(More)
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