Pierre Jobez

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Long-lived quantum memories are essential components of a long-standing goal of remote distribution of entanglement in quantum networks. These can be realized by storing the quantum states of light as single-spin excitations in atomic ensembles. However, spin states are often subjected to different dephasing processes that limit the storage time, which in(More)
The realization of quantum networks and quantum repeaters remains an outstanding challenge in quantum communication. These rely on the entanglement of remote matter systems, which in turn requires the creation of quantum correlations between a single photon and a matter system. A practical way to establish such correlations is via spontaneous Raman(More)
A necessary part of a quantum repeater is an on-demand quantum memory. In this paper we report on recent progress of achieving such a memory in a solid-state system. We show storage of a few photon optical pulse as a spin-wave in a crystal, preserving the states' coherence. We show how it is possible to extend the storage time and increase the process(More)
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