Pierre Jean Lejeune

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Understanding the complete picture of floral transition is still impaired by the fact that physiological studies mainly concern plant species whose genetics is poorly known, and vice versa. Arabidopsis thaliana has been successfully used to unravel signalling pathways by genetic and molecular approaches, but analyses are still required to determine the(More)
BACKGROUND Procalcitonin (PCT) blood concentrations are known to be an appropriate marker of severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) induced by coronary artery surgery with and without cardiopulmonary bypass. Pro-brain natriuretic peptide (N-BNP) is a newly described cardiac hormone considered to be an effective marker of severity and(More)
The present work was aimed at studying the interaction of autoantibodies (aAb) and monoclonal antibodies (mAb) with the N-terminal thyroid hormone forming site of human thyroglobulin (TG). Obtained by CNBr treatment of TG, the peptide (22 kDa) containing the complete major hormonogenic site of human TG was purified in three forms according to the degree of(More)
The 22 kDa fragment (Asn1-Met171) purified from iodine-poor human thyroglobulin (hTg) is capable by itself to synthesize thyroxine at Tyr5, the preferential hormonogenic acceptor site of the protein, after iodination in vitro. To identify the corresponding donor site in this model we studied the fate of the six Tyr residues present in the 22 kDa peptide(More)
We hypothesized that the changes in blood oxidant/antioxidant status during incremental maximal cycling exercise could affect the motor drive to leg muscles. Indeed, the oxygen free radicals activate the metabosensitive muscle afferents which are suspected to elicit an adaptive motor response delaying fatigue. Fifteen healthy subjects performed an(More)
For information about this product or the wide range of services and data available from Statistics Canada, visit our website at www. To access this product This product, Catalogue no. 89-634-X, is available free in electronic format. To obtain a single issue, visit our website at www.statcan.gc.ca and select " Publications " > " Free Internet publications.(More)
Sound production by the dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus was monitored both in captivity and at two Mediterranean spawning sites during the summers of 2012 and 2013. The results of long-term passive acoustic recordings provide for the first time a description of the sounds produced by E. marginatus. Two types of sounds were mainly recorded and consisted(More)
In Mediterranean subtidal rocky reefs, Cystoseira spp. (Phaeophyceae) form dense canopies up to 1 m high. Such habitats, called 'Cystoseira forests', are regressing across the entire Mediterranean Sea due to multiple anthropogenic stressors, as are other large brown algae forests worldwide. Cystoseira forests are being replaced by structurally less complex(More)
Corsica Island is a sub-basin of the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea, with hydrological features typical of both oligotrophic systems and eutrophic coastal zones. Phytoplankton assemblages in two coastal ecosystems of Corsica (the deep Bay of Calvi and the shallow littoral of Bastia) show contrasting patterns over a one-year cycle. In order to determine what(More)