Pierre-Jean Bouvet

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In this paper, the combination of spatial mul-tiplexing with coded Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiplex Access (MC-CDMA) for a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Rayleigh fading multipath channel is considered. A practical receiver structure performing iteratively MIMO detection, multiuser despreading and channel decoding is presented. The MIMO(More)
— In this paper, we study the association of Non-orthogonal Space-Time Block Coding (NO-STBC) with channel coding and propose an efficient iterative receiver. For two transmit antennas, the use of the Alamouti scheme as STBC is optimal owing to its orthogonality and its unitary rate. For more than two antennas, full rate is maintained by giving up the(More)
Hermes is a Single-Input Single-Output (SISO) underwater acoustic modem that achieves very high-bit rate digital communications in ports and shallow waters. Here, the authors study the capability of Hermes to support Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology. A least-square channel estimation algorithm is used to evaluate multiple MIMO channel(More)
In this paper, the authors present a time-varying underwater channel estimation method based on the channel sparsity characteristic. The proposed algorithm is applied to provide both an accurate and fast channel estimate to a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel and to isolate each of the channel's echoes. The technique is demonstrated in a fully(More)
— Linear Precoded OFDM systems with channel coding have already been demonstrated to efficiently exploit frequency and time diversities of the transmission channel. Iterative receivers which iteratively perform channel decoding and deprecoding provide very good performance. In the literature, these iterative receivers are based on maximum likelihood based(More)
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